Friday, February 13, 2009

Common Daily Stuggles

So as I left the parking lot today after getting groceries, I was cut off by some idiot thinking they just HAD to get somewhere so fast that they risk the lives of all those around them. I start fuming inside myself, and my thoughts wander to that dark place where all I do is focus on the negative. My mind starts counting all of the things going wrong in my life at the time, and I realize with a sudden start that I am focusing on things that will bring me down for no reason. All this--just because someone is driving badly? What was my problem? So I turn on the radio, find a song I can sing along to (loudly, since no body can hear me but myself and the ghosts in the engine of my car), and start purposefully counting all of the things I have to be grateful for. This is an exercise I do often, whenever I recognize the "little green monsters" are attacking me from all sides. Unfortunately, I have to do this activity often. Music seems to help the most. It takes me to a place where nothing else matters and I can focus on what is good. Which is a lot - we all have so much to be so grateful for. If we would but count the blessings we have each day, we would realize we have so much. As I was pulling into my driveway, thinking of the dishes, laundry, scrubbing, and "life" I had to face when I walked through the door--I smiled. Thank goodness I have those things in my life to plague me. They should be a blessing because they exist for me--not a curse.


  1. Great post, Amy! I love how you said that all the mundane tasks of life are blessings--it means we are alive, breathing and partaking of this experience we call Earth. Bring it on!! :)

  2. Thank you Kimberleigh! Plus, my life is so rich because of friends like you and your family. I am so lucky!